Alto/mezzosoprano who currently is a student at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm at the Performance Early Music program, Master degree. She used to sing for Lena-Susanne Norin and now sings for Susanne Rydén, both acclaimed singers of Early Music. Lena has a background as a musicteacher but decided to focus more on her own singing as she got accepted at the Royal College of Music in 2011.

Lena is freelancing as a soloist as well as a choir singer in Stockholm and Sweden as well as internationally. She often sings with the international vocal ensemble Arton in various projects, singing a lot of Barock and Renaissance music but also a lot more recent music. She is also an extra singer for both Eric Ericson Chamber Choir as well as the Swedish Radio Choir, singing concerts and going on tours. As a soloist you can hear her sing sacred music by e.g. Bach, Handel, Buxtehude, Duruflé and Mozart, but also secular music by e.g. Strozzi, Monteverdi, Dowland and Purcell.