The vocal ensemble Gemma was founded in 2006 and specializes in Gregorian chant from medieval Scandinavian sources. Director of the ensemble is Karin Strinnholm Lagergren: musicologist, singer and pedagogue. Her studies were undertaken at among others: the Academy of Music and Drama (University of Gothenburg), Brabant’s Conservatory, as well as the Université Paris-Sorbonne. Gemma’s repertoire is largely based on  Karin’s own research undertaken at numerous archives and libraries and it presents music not often not having been heard since the Middle Ages.

The singers of the ensemble  have performed in numerous Europeian countries and through their studies in France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden have all specialized in early music. The singers have also co-operated with other early music ensembles such as: Diabolus in Musica, Dialogos, Musica Ficta, and Laude Novella. In 2009 Gemma co-operated with the French ensemble Beatus.

Autumn 2019 Gemma is working on a new concert project and recording: the office of St. Sigfrid.


In 2014 Gemma recorded their first cd: The Torstuna Missal. Dominican Chant from the 14th Century  in cooperation with the Belgian ensemble Psallentes. In 2018 their second cd was released:

Maria! Maria! Birgittine Chant Through Four Hundred Years

recorded by the Sterling Record Company as part of the Artist series.

The cd cost can be ordered through the contact function.


The ensemble also collaborates with museums in order to illustrate exhibitions and create soundscapes. Their music can be heard at the exhibitions Sveriges historia (History of Sweden) at the National Historical Museum in Stockholm, as well as at Kata gård, Varnhem (SE).

Gemma also holds courses, workshops and lectures.

Gemma is Latin for gem.