At the middle of the 14th century, one of the most unique achievements in the flora of monastic orders was founded: the Order of the Birgittines, founded by St. Birgitta of Sweden (ca 1303-1373). This is the only monastic order with a plainchant repertoire only intended for nuns: the Cantus Sororum (the Song of the Sisters). The greater part of this repertoire was developed under Birgitta’s supervision. The chant is entirely monophonic and from the Gregorian tradition. The Birgittine nuns have until this day continued to sing from this repertoire, but over history adapted it to different needs and fashions. In this program, Gemma presents a garland of Birgittine songs from ca. 1500 up to the nineteenth century. The music in the program is taken from the monastic library in the still functioning Birgittine Abbey Maria Refugie in the Netherlands, founded ca. 1437.